COVID-19 Measures implemented Worlwide

Measures implemented by governments worldwide in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Information about all the measures implemented by governments worldwide in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Includes Social distancing Movement restrictions, Public health measures, Social and economic measures, Lockdowns.

4245AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresMoPH begins announcements on their facebook to make public aware of coronavirus.Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4246AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedHealth teams at airports will check passengers coming from China.Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4248AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresHealth screenings of all passengers at airports.Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4249AfghanistanKabulAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedthe ministry has prepared 100 bed to control this virus in Kabul and 200 others in the province hospital with all the facilities needed in the country.0020-02-02Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4250AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measures0020-02-02Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4252AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresThe Ministry of public health has created the special part of the control of the "Corona" virus in the Afghan-Japan hospital. This section has a hundred bed filled with all facilities.0020-04-02Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4251AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresPrint, publishing and sending advertising materials about health services. Publishing messages in hospitals, building video guidance at ports of entry, making a clear part of the passengers's location, creating a clear section on the ministry's website to publish the content related to coronavirus.0020-04-02Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4254AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedthe launch of education programs for doctors to handle COVID-190020-08-02Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
3AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measures0020-12-02Ministry of HealthGovernment
2AfghanistanKabulAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measures0020-12-02Ministry of HealthGovernment
1AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measures0020-12-02Ministry of HealthGovernment
4255AfghanistanKabulAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedEstablished specific areas for quarantine in Kabul and in the provinces for the control of COVID-190020-12-02Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4257AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresstrengthen the screened teams in the air, borders and port, creating a joint committee to review the risk of transmitting coronavirus through iimported itemsAfghanistan MoPHGovernment
4258AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedPrioritizing disinfecting of health centers and early-response needs. Provide more training for health care workers on how to keep themselves safe.Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4262AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedThose who have traveled to Iran in the last month, especially in the city, if they are having fever, cough and breath, soon visit one of the health centers or Call on 166 so that the health teams can help them.Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4261AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresAwareness campaign expands to include avoiding kissing, weddings, meetings, funerals, and other social luxuries.Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
12AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measures0020-01-03OCHAUN
4264AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedMedical students are now allowed to practice, in order to build capacity0020-02-03Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4265AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresThe Ministry of Public Health has used 97 % of its budget which was 16 billion afghani. Creating 100 new health centers in needed places, increase 1600 bed in health centers, cover of 930 thousand children live in health centers. 50,000 diagnostic kits + 50,000 diagnostic kits from Arab Emirates0020-05-03Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4266AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresSanitizing public spaces0020-07-03Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4267AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measuresNew awareness campaign to �prevent the spread of coronavirus�0020-11-03Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4271AfghanistanHerat ProvinceAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedCoronavirus diagnostic lab was opened in Herat ProvinceAfghanistan MoPHGovernment
4269AfghanistanHerat ProvinceAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedInstalled new heat censor machines to detect fever at passengers coming through ports of entry into the country and ports into and out of Herat Province (the epicenter of the outbreak in Afghanistan, at this point in time).Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
4273AfghanistanMazar-e-SharifAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedIn addition to the National Public Health Lab in Kabul, an additional lab in Herat began COVID-19 testing on March 22, and a lab in Mazar-e-Sharif is planned to begin operations soon. Total testing capacity once the additional labs are operating is expected to be 150-250 tests per day.US EmbassyGovernment
4275AfghanistanAsiaIntroduction / extension of measuresPublic health measurescheckedCall for more health care workers to be employed by the government in the fight against covid-19Afghanistan MoPHGovernment
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