COVID-19 school closures measures

School closures measures by country and date cause of the coronavirus pandemic.

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SELECT covid19_school_closures.clousure_scale AS clousure_scale, covid19_school_closures.country_iso AS country_iso, covid19_school_closures.country_name AS country_name, AS date, covid19_school_closures.notes AS notes FROM covid19_school_closures

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Daily information from the Unesco about the school closures measures by each country and date cause of the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-02-17CHNChinaPartially open
2020-02-17MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-18CHNChinaPartially open
2020-02-18MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-19CHNChinaPartially open
2020-02-19MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-20CHNChinaPartially open
2020-02-20MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-21CHNChinaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-21MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-22CHNChinaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-22MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-23CHNChinaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-23MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-24CHNChinaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-24ITAItalyPartially open
2020-02-24MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-24SMRSan MarinoClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-25CHNChinaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-25ITAItalyPartially open
2020-02-25MNGMongoliaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-25SMRSan MarinoClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-26BHRBahrainClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-26CHNChinaClosed due to COVID-19
2020-02-26IRNIran (Islamic Republic of)Closed due to COVID-19
Last refresh time: 2020-10-01 10:00:02
Refresh frequency: Daily
Source: Unesco

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