Number of COVID-19 tests with results at US

Number of covid19 tests with results, share of tests with positive covid19 results.

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SELECT covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.country_name AS country_name, covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.location AS location, covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.share_tests_positive_results AS share_tests_positive_results, covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.test_with_results_per_million AS test_with_results_per_million, covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.tests_with_results AS tests_with_results FROM covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data

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Total number of covid19 tests with results, share of tests with positive covid19 results, and number of tests with results per 1,000 population in the United States by state.

United States1675597681005United States of America
Alabama2756534United States of America
Alaska268175512243United States of America
Arizona114820634237United States of America
Arkansas35706113705United States of America
California799735617550United States of America
Colorado100002484433United States of America
Connecticut94169143690United States of America
Delaware20324213640United States of America
District of Columbia18284296855United States of America
Florida23272104United States of America
Georgia102118013418United States of America
Hawaii20444785808United States of America
Idaho15640393009United States of America
Illinois283930305522United States of America
Indiana120118856276United States of America
Iowa3529724United States of America
Kansas34429404350United States of America
Kentucky60797414715United States of America
Louisiana82573896823United States of America
Maine24764123207United States of America
Maryland118374074196United States of America
Massachusetts257840027649United States of America
Michigan151260392300United States of America
Minnesota102417885334United States of America
Last refresh time: 2021-09-08 00:00:00
Refresh frequency: Daily
Source: The COVID Tracking Project

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