Number of COVID-19 tests with results at US

Number of covid19 tests with results, share of tests with positive covid19 results.

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SELECT covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.country_name AS country_name, covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.location AS location, covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.share_tests_positive_results AS share_tests_positive_results, covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.test_with_results_per_million AS test_with_results_per_million, covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data.tests_with_results AS tests_with_results FROM covid19_usa_additional_state_level_data

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Total number of covid19 tests with results, share of tests with positive covid19 results, and number of tests with results per 1,000 population in the United States by state.

United States2894388815946.725United States of America
Alabama20582241705.335United States of America
Alaska14309679508.447United States of America
Arizona62155727094.716United States of America
Arkansas23155353867.098United States of America
California395127568613.573United States of America
Colorado51403016064.426United States of America
Connecticut539834922476.45United States of America
Delaware11483668566.757United States of America
District of Columbia103169210699.68United States of America
Florida180422255051.27United States of America
Georgia60726143654.465United States of America
Hawaii9264113787.166United States of America
Idaho9422722602.032United States of America
Illinois150836857058.011United States of America
Indiana66000396969.385United States of America
Iowa24038592752.078United States of America
Kansas11257052048.379United States of America
Kentucky34610982639.15United States of America
Louisiana47035455540.054United States of America
Maine12917517801.384United States of America
Maryland65785756625.676United States of America
Massachusetts1264843812478.15United States of America
Michigan90837203930.623United States of America
Minnesota59457824520.533United States of America
Last refresh time: 2021-01-24 00:00:17
Refresh frequency: Daily
Source: The COVID Tracking Project

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