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Denodo Free Trial FAQs

What is a “Denodo Free Trial,” and what does it offer?

A Free Trial provides the opportunity to test and validate the Denodo Platform for up to two weeks in the Cloud. It’s a mechanism for helping you to better understand the broader functionality that the Denodo Platform has to offer. It helps you explore the solution to data integration challenges using data virtualization, so that you can decide if data virtualization and the Denodo Platform are the right tools for your business. We offer two types of free trials, both of which can be run on either the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud or the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

What are the two types of free trials?

We have designed the free trials to provide the utmost flexibility and ease of validating the capabilities of the Denodo Platform for data virtualization. They quickly demonstrate the value to every stakeholder in the business. The two types of free trials are:

  • 14-Day Denodo Free Trial under Denodo’s cloud account
  • 14-Day Denodo Free Trial under the customer’s cloud account

Is there a cost associated with running the free trial, and do I need to create an account on AWS or Azure?

That depends on the type of free trial that’s of interest to you. When the free trial is instantiated under Denodo’s account, there is no cost whatsoever. After a quick two-minute signup process, you are ready to go, and you do not need an account on AWS or Azure. But if customers invoke the free trial under their own cloud account, customers bears the infrastructure costs for the 14-day trial. The Denodo License is completely free in both free trials.

What are the key differences between the two types of free trials and when should one pick one over the other?

The table below outlines the key differences between the two free trials.

Under Denodo’s Account Under Customer’s Account
What is it?
  • Free trial instance is hosted under Denodo’s account.
  • Completely Free (Infrastructure + Denodo Licenses).
  • Explore extended test drive use cases, validate broader functionality using the embedded data sources provided by Denodo.
  • Ability to startup free trial under customer’s account, for more flexibility and control.
  • Customer pays for the infrastructure, while Denodo licenses are completely free for the trial period.
  • Use your own data sources for validation/modelling and perform use case testing. Define connection to new data sources.
Data Sources Access
  • Pre-defined and managed by Denodo.
  • Cannot connect to customer’s own data sources or define new ones.
  • Customers can use their own data sources
  • Customers can define connectivity to new sources.
Getting Started
  • Register on the Denodo website.
  • Denodo will spin up the instance for the free trial within minutes.
  • Register on the Denodo website.
  • Customer can spin up the Free Trial Denodo Instance in minutes, but need to activate it by downloading and applying the 14-day trial license (BYOL)

How long do the free trials last, and can they be taken multiple times?

Free trials are available for 14 calendar days from the time of signup. We recommend that you try out a Denodo Test Drive before signing up for a Denodo Free Trial. Test drives provide better insight into what you can do with the Denodo Platform and how you can best navigate and plan for your free trial. If you need extra time to complete further validation, you can reach out to the Denodo Cloud team ( and we will work with you to accommodate the request.

Will I be able to explore the test drive use cases within the free trial environment?

Yes, when you start the free trial under Denodo’s Cloud account, we automatically package the test drive artifacts, including the sample data sets for your extended testing. This provides a quick way to further validate and learn about the use cases that you have learnt during the test drives. This is good for a quick POT (proof of technology), and it will help in conveying the value of data virtualization to business stakeholders.

What are the next steps after completing a free trial?

A free trial is meant to provide you with deeper insights and confidence in validating the data virtualization use case using the Denodo Platform in the cloud.

You have two options after completing the Free Trial:

  1. We believe that the Free Trial is a tool to validate if Data Virtualization is the right solution for your data integration needs If you plan to perform an extensive POC, we encourage you to reach out to the Denodo Cloud team in advance.
  2. Signing up for a subscription on either the AWS or Azure marketplaces is easy. You can find more information about the AWS subscription choices here. For Azure subscription choices, click here.

How is a “test drive” different from a “free trial”?

A test drive provides you with a direct hands-on experience. We leverage large data sets and complex scenarios to prove the value of data virtualization. Through this process, you will learn about data virtualization capabilities that will help you make better, more informed business decisions. In a free trial, if you leverage your own cloud account, we provide you with the opportunity to test the Denodo Platform with your own data sets in a closely defined environment. Test drive are available for two hours, while free trials can be used for up to 14 days.

What should I do if, after registering for a free trial, I cannot complete it to the end?

If this happens, for whatever reason, reach out to us and we can help you plan out the scope of your free trial. The key objective should be to build confidence around your desired use case, or at least understand how far you can experiment in evaluating the benefits of data virtualization.

Whom should I contact or reach out to for support, if I experience any issues during the free trial?

Getting assistance during the free trial is easy. Post your questions in the Denodo Community, and someone from the Denodo team will get back to you within 24 hours.