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IBM and Denodo in the Spotlight

Denodo and IBM have partnered to provide integrated solutions for IBM PureData™ and IBM BigInsights™. Register now to watch this essential guide to using data virtualization and big data for analytics.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Together, Denodo and IBM have delivered a joint webinar to help you understand how data virtualization can benefit your organization.

In today’s society, business is driving the need for better analytics. Mirroring that, the data available to companies for such analytics is exploding in volume and complexity. As a result, companies are adopting a myriad of technologies to help manage these issues.

Watch this webinar to help understand how you can solve these problems in your organization.

Here’s a sneak peak:

  • Discover the key business drivers and patterns for Advanced Analytics
  • Study the blueprint for an Integrated Analytics Platform and Logical Data Warehouse
  • Learn how to combine best-in-class Analytics Platforms from IBM with Denodo Data Virtualization
  • Review some successful use case patterns and think about how these might apply to your organization.


Want more?

Read the Solution Brief which explains how Denodo data virtualization helps to easily and quickly integrate data from IBM BigInsights with your structured data stored in IBM PureData System for Analytics. The resulting data views look and act like a single hybrid data source, combining traditional structured data from PureData System with big data from BigInsights. The Denodo Platform also makes it easier for business analysts and other non-technical personnel to access the BigInsights data.