Aligned Automation

Aligned Automation is a transformation service partner focusing on maximizing the cycle of data insights to decisions to create intelligent operations. Through value-engineered functional and digital services, we work alongside some of the world’s leading companies to connect the value chain and drive sustainable value realization, business resilience and enhanced human experiences. Together, Aligned Automation and Denodo provide new ways to access, view and analyze data, then apply impactful solutions that power the intelligent enterprise into the future.​

“In today’s digital business world, it’s no longer about the big eating the small—it’s about the fast overtaking the slow. Our partnership with Denodo allows us to provide our customers with the ability to access data in a consumable format and make impactful, data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.”

-Steve Simpson, Chief Revenue Officer, Aligned Automation

Partnering to provide seamless access and bring data to life

From process discovery to AI models, digital transformation relies on data. And data presents some of the biggest challenges—and opportunities—to organizations today.

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