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Cloudera is revolutionizing enterprise data management by offering the first unified Platform for Big Data, an enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop. Cloudera offers enterprises one place to store, access, process, secure, and analyze all their data, empowering them to extend the value of existing investments while enabling fundamental new ways to derive value from their data. Cloudera’s open source Big Data platform is the most widely adopted in the world, and Cloudera is the most prolific contributor to the open source Hadoop ecosystem. As the leading educator of Hadoop professionals, Cloudera has trained over 22,000 individuals worldwide. Over 1,000 partners and a seasoned professional services team help deliver greater time to value. Finally, only Cloudera provides proactive and predictive support to run an enterprise data hub with confidence. Leading organizations in every industry plus top public sector organizations globally run Cloudera in production.



Blog: Denodo Platform 6.0 Certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5

Supported by the Cloudera Enterprise platform, Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) is a turnkey solution for Hadoop deployments, which lets companies set up secure, enterprise-caliber Hadoop implementations quickly and easily. Understand how the re-certification on Cloudera Enterprise 5 helps make Hadoop deployments easy and straightforward for customers.

Cookbook: Data Warehouse Off-loading with Denodo and Cloudera

This cookbook is a deep dive into one of the data virtualization patterns that are vital in a modern data processing infrastructure. This document explains what a hybrid data warehouse is, what role each of the components play, and how to implement successful data warehouse off-loading in your organization.

Denodo & Cloudera - Data Virtualization for Big Data

This brief explores CDH and the Denodo Platform, and how these technologies process, integrate and make information available to consuming applications in a manner that is meaningful to the business.

Denodo & Cloudera - Use Cases for Big Data Virtualization

This brief explores 3 use cases that demonstrate the power of CDH and Denodo Platform - Data Warehouse Offloading, Logical Data Warehouse, and the Internet of Things.

Blog: Evolving to Modern Data Centers with Cloudera Enterprise and Denodo Data Virtualization

Cloudera Enterprise and the Denodo Platform for data virtualization are a perfect combination for the modern data center. Read this post to learn how these technologies enable you to implement flexible and scalable solutions within your data processing infrastructure, where Cloudera provides the data management and analytics capabilities and Denodo provides a data virtualization layer.