Pantex Deploys Denodo to Enhance Nuclear Security Through Secure, Agile Data Delivery

PALO ALTO, CA, October 8, 2013 Denodo Technologies, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that B&W Pantex has deployed the Denodo Platform in its facility to enable agile and secure delivery of weapon lifecycle information to engineers, scientists, and other users. B&W Pantex, which is the prime contractor for management and operations of the Pantex Plant, serves as the Department of Energy - National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) production integrator and provider of nuclear deterrent for the Department of Defense. The Denodo Platform will enable Pantex to complete projects faster, increase data security and reduce maintenance costs.

"Serving the Nuclear Security Enterprise through a highly reliable combination of people, processes, infrastructure and business systems, the Pantex Plant is charged with securing America by providing services that focus on four core missions: national security, nuclear explosive operations, nuclear material operations, and high explosive operations," said Stefanie Elsea, Program Information Technologist, B&W Pantex. "With a long-term mission of safely and securely maintaining the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile and dismantling weapons retired by the military, our data virtualization strategy plays an important role in expediting projects by enabling fast and secure movement of data through different facilities."

The process of maintaining the nuclear weapons stockpile involves many complex processes including weapon dismantlement, surveillance testing, and disposal of nuclear and non-nuclear material at a number of specialized and security/clearance-driven facilities, including the Pantex Plant. To address the need for timely and accurate information with minimal replication, a data virtualization solution from Denodo Technologies was selected as the foundation for the Integrated Digital Environment (IDE), which is a key component of the NNSA's Product Realization Integrated Digital Enterprise (PRIDE) program.

Sponsored by the NNSA, and with funding of about $30 million a year, the PRIDE program is a multi-year initiative that supports both operations and new development on a large portfolio of applications that is designed to securely deliver weapon product lifecycle information across different facilities.

Denodo's data virtualization tool has helped Pantex achieve significant business impact by reducing costs and project cycle times, and by lowering risk by enabling better security. More specifically, Pantex realized a 15% return on investment in just three months of running in production.

“Pantex is an excellent example of how data virtualization can help organizations improve their overall performance and efficiencies,” said Angel Vina, Founder and CEO, Denodo Technologies. "As the only company committed to help customers leverage data virtualization as an abstraction layer across broad use case patterns, we look forward to helping B&W Pantex derive increasing value from their data virtualization efforts and continue to generate demonstrable ROI.”

Detailed information about the successful use of data virtualization at Pantex can be found in this case study.


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