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PALO ALTO, CA, March 16, 2016 - Denodo, the leader in data virtualization software, today announced that VSP Global® (VSP), the nation’s largest healthcare organization by membership, has selected the Denodo Platform for data virtualization to optimize analytics and improve business performance. Using data virtualization, VSP Global will minimize the data replication that is inherently needed when using traditional ETL processing, enabling them to have a single point of access to data, reduce costs, and be more nimble to change. Denodo’s award-winning technology will provide VSP business users with improved analytics, quicker time-to-market, and higher data quality so they can access and apply business information faster.

“After evaluating many virtualization solutions, we selected the Denodo Platform for its best-in-class capabilities, strong technical competence, and excellent customer references,” said Darryl Lemecha, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of VSP Global. “In the evaluation, it was clear that Denodo had the only genuine data virtualization solution on the market with the ability to span both operational and analytical use cases. We look forward to using the solution across our business to drive greater insights.”

Denodo’s solution will deliver data to VSP in a much shorter timeframe than traditional data integration tools which tend to be more complex and limit the ability to iterate in a rapid, agile approach. Data virtualization will enable rapid prototyping and creation of enterprise data models which, in turn, provide data analysts in technology, sales, and marketing with enhanced and timely analytical content.

“Data virtualization is the more agile data integration style that presents the relevant, interrelated data, in real-time and in a consistent format irrespective of underlying database systems, structures, and storage,” said Ravi Shankar, CMO at Denodo. “We have helped customers lower their integration costs by as much as 80 percent and to use data as a strategic tool to better run their businesses. We are thrilled to have been selected by VSP Global and look forward to delivering a more agile data integration style that can deliver business-critical information in a timely fashion across the enterprise.”

The Denodo Platform provides a data abstraction layer across multiple, distributed, heterogeneous repositories, generating integrated business data in real-time or near real-time as needed by consuming applications, business processes, analytics, or business users. Since data virtualization doesn’t replicate or store data, it delivers the complete, business-critical information at a fraction of the cost and time. Denodo will meet the performance needs of VSP and allow them to apply the technology to both analytical and operational use cases across industry-leading businesses in order to help them achieve their mission of “helping people see” by delivering the highest quality eye care and eyewear products and services across the globe.

Denodo’s Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit: Denodo will host the world’s first, Fast Data strategy conference on Wednesday, March 30th – Americas / Thursday, March 31st – APAC & EMEA. More and more best-in-class companies have utilized fast data strategy to achieve rapid time-to-value in their BI, Big Data, and data services projects. Attendees will learn best practices, how-to tips, and architectural patterns and anti-patterns from thought leaders and practitioners around the world. The online conference includes 20 sessions featuring customer case studies, education on data virtualization, and technical deep-dives filled with presentations, panels, and demos. Click here for more information.

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