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Palo Alto, CA, February 29, 2024 - Denodo, a leader in data management, today announced that Forrester Research, Inc. has positioned Denodo as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q1 2024. According to the report, “Denodo is a great fit for customers focusing on an enterprise-wide data fabric strategy to support real-time analytics, customer 360, data engineering, data science, IoT analytics, operational insights, and predictive analytics use cases.” Denodo and 14 other vendors were evaluated across 26 criteria, including current offering, strategy, and market presence.

The complete and complementary report, published on February 28, is available here.

The Wave revealed that while data fabric traditionally focused on read-only analytical use cases, there is a notable shift towards transactional fabric, with bidirectional read-and-write capabilities to support modern applications such as microservices and real-time customer experience. Today, enterprises are leveraging data fabric to accelerate new and emerging business cases such as customer experience, data science, IoT insights, global transactions, fraud prevention, business 360, and real-time insights.

Forrester VP, Principal Analyst and author of the report, Noel Yuhanna wrote, “Denodo Technologies delivers a world-class data fabric solution. [They have] been a longtime player in data virtualization and now support enterprise data fabric with next-generation data management capabilities. Denodo’s superior data fabric roadmap suggests a focus on advanced data integration, GenAI/LLM, vector search, faster data ingestion, automation, and self-service capabilities.”

Denodo received the highest scores possible in eight criteria, including deployment options, data access and search, data delivery, data processing and persistence, data transformation and lineage, and data integration. The report noted that reference customers like Denodo’s flexible platform, technical support, support for data mesh, data integration, and roadmap.

“This Forrester Research recognition validates, in our opinion, the value of our enterprise data fabric deployments and cloud service. Our customers use the Denodo Platform to establish a common data foundation across the IT corporate infrastructure that enables data products to be created at the speed – and with the agility – required by business users,” said Angel Viña, CEO and Founder at Denodo. “Through this Forrester report, our customers are telling us why Denodo is at the forefront of data management innovation: We simplify data integration through data virtualization technology, which eliminates unnecessary data movement; we accelerate data solutions because we create data ecosystems with true, unified semantics; we speed up time-to-production because we make it faster to access the data in distributed systems; we add self-service capabilities; and we enable new Generative AI applications by helping to create contextualized LLM models that learn from patterns in their own business data.”

With some of the best-in-class and latest innovations, the Denodo Platform:

  • Provides IT organizations the flexibility to evolve their data strategies, migrate to the cloud or logically unify data assets without disrupting the business.
  • Accelerates data provisioning without requiring costly replication of the data.
  • Supports consistent security and governance across multiple systems.
  • Enables self-service by giving business users the ability to discover, access and prepare data on their own.

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