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Professional Services

Denodo Services for data virtualization provides access to all knowledge resources regarding the use of the Denodo Platform. It also puts stakeholders in contact with Denodo professionals and our global partner ecosystem to help them in the continuous transformation of their organization, ensuring an effective use of information systems through the data virtualization solution.

It is also common to use Denodo Services for data virtualization to complement functions in organizations to help them achieve successful deployment of their data virtualization projects. Working with Denodo and its partners will improve your team’s abilities and skills in critical areas like data governance, operation and administration, architecture and engineering as well as project and program management. Only by doing this will you succeed in executing your strategy and vision for transforming your business with better ROI.

To commit to that goal, Denodo Services for data virtualization integrates a number of independent modules that can be adapted to any specific need in order to guide your organization throughout the data virtualization journey:

Advisory Services for Data Virtualization

This area is designed to work with your different units (IT, developers, business…) to coordinate a comprehensive strategy and a roadmap oriented plan, including all specific actions and KPIs (key performance indicators) needed to reach a successful enterprise transformation. Advisory Services typically includes a technical expert to help you, your teams and your stakeholders throughout all different aspects for the enterprise transformation:

  • Strategy and roadmap definition
  • Architecture design
  • ROI calculation and RFP writing
  • Technical project task management
  • Proof of Concepts and pilot project definition

Assessment Services for Data Virtualization

This area analyzes your technical resources and operational process to ensure that your organization maintains constant growth throughout new initiatives and technology innovation while it maintains stability and security. Typical scenarios includes:

  • Production readiness assessment. Evaluate and review your architectures, standards and policies for a successful production rollout.
  • Health check assessment. Analyzes your existing implementation and confirms it is stable and performance optimized, giving recommendations for improvement.
  • Update and migration assessment. Provides expert advice to customers looking to quickly, safely and effectively migrate their existing Denodo Platform implementation to newer versions with improved features.

Quick Start Services for Data Virtualization

This area is designed to help you to build and deploy a small-scale environment to quickly demonstrate Denodo Platform business value and to provide an easy, fast way to train by experience and knowledge transfer.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Quick Start Installation, including initial set up for an environment with a Denodo Platform installed and all the administration policies defined.
  • Quick Start Legacy Data Access, analyzing and designing data source connection strategies and initial data modelling that allows you to add Legacy Data to your data virtualization deployment.
  • Quick Start Cloud Integration to design and prepare your deployment for integrating SaaS, Web, or any Cloud data source to your data virtualization deployment.
  • Quick Start Proof of Concept to build a fully functional data virtualization deployment as a starting point to demonstrate business value.

Engineering Services for Data Virtualization

This area complements your current technical staff providing technical expert input in every single phase in your project lifecycle and service operations throughout short-time engagements, either on premise or off-site consulting tasks.