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Moving to the Cloud

Transitioning to the cloud is never easy, whether you are engaged in cloud modernization, cloud analytics, hybrid cloud deployment or other cloud initiatives. Often, the biggest challenge is data integration in the cloud. Data integration is difficult across standalone SaaS applications and other legacy or modern data repositories, which can lead to lack of consistent information, which could in turn impede your marketing team in doing a stellar job at lead generation or lead nurture, or prevent your sales team from selling the right product to the right prospect, or cause your operations team to struggle with supply chain issues.

By 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of data and analytics innovation.



Cloud Journey Slows down Quite Often

As we talk to our customers and prospects, we find that these are the primary three challenges to successful data integration in the cloud:

Data silos

Your marketing team might draw data from marketing automation, CRM, collaboration tools and social media, while your sales team might source data from your deal management system, your call center, or your activity management tools in addition to the CRM tool. While moving through this unsynchronized set of applications, data becomes outdated and unusable.



Users want to be able to access any application from any device and browser, but companies must balance ease of access with concerns about data breaches, violations of regulatory constraints, and unauthorized access without the protection of a unified security or data governance model.


Network latency

As applications multiply and one-to-one communications between those applications proliferate through your network, the user experience suffers.

Accelerating Cloud Adoption with Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization provides an easy-to-deploy cloud solution that seamlessly integrates all SaaS, on-premises, or other cloud sources, in real-time, in the cloud. Deploy the Denodo Platform perpetual license in your own Azure or AWS cloud instance, or subscribe to the platform through the Amazon AWS marketplace. Whether the Denodo Platform is accessing data from Salesforce, a Hadoop cluster, or an EDW, and whether the platform is sending data to Tableau, Microstrategy, or Looker, the Denodo Platform enables you to apply a unified security setting across your entire infrastructure


The Benefits of Data Virtualization


Integrate all enterprise data in real-time without any replication and provide all business users with business-critical information on the go.


Enable migrations from on-premises to cloud sources, with no impact on day-to-day operations.


Manage cloud and on-premises security from a single point.


Track cloud usage by department or individual.


Reduce the inherent latency of cloud access using the Denodo Platform’s advanced caching capabilities.


Scale cloud solutions as needed with a flexible pay-as-you-go model.



The only pure-play data virtualization product in the cloud

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  • Clients

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