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Data Ninja Webinar Series
/*-->*/ Sessions covering data virtualization solutions for driving business value Join Denodo Data Ninjas for a series of webinars addressing the value proposition of data virtualization technology, its innovative capabilities, usage patterns, customer case studies and differentiation from traditional integration technologies. Attend these webinars to understand how you can exploit data virtualization in delivering real business value from your organizations’ existing and emerging data assets.
Realizing the Promise of Data Lakes
The expanding volume and variety of data originating from sources that are both internal and external to the enterprise are challenging businesses in harnessing their big data for actionable insights.
Data Virtualization as the Enterprise Data Fabric
Enterprise semantic modeling is not a new concept. The idea of defining a semantic layer that business users can use and understand has been supported by enterprise reporting tools for a long time. However, those solutions were tied to the reporting tool of choice.Modern data virtualization platforms like Denodo offer the capabilities to move the semantic layer outside a specific application. This means that the same semantic data model can be shared by a variety of reporting tools, published as data services and queried through a web-based catalog. The virtual layer becomes the true...
How Virtualization Can Help in the Journey to the Cloud
The shift to the cloud is ubiquitous these days; from specialized applications like CRMs and online marketing tools to full deployments of EDWs in the cloud. While cloud deployments carry obvious benefits, they also create new data siloes and security challenges. At the same time, on-premises systems usually coexist with cloud solutions, creating new hybrid architectures.In this session, we will explore how data virtualization can help in the transition to a cloud-centric architecture by reducing time-to-data and TCO, and adding the security needed once your data leaves the comfort of your...
2-Step Process to Boost Business Productivity using Real-time Data Virtualization and MDM
As organizations grow, businesses productivity declines – customers churn due to mediocre support, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are missed due to lack of customer insight, and ROI from marketing campaigns declines due to poor targeting. And, the root problem might not be people, but DATA – you might not have a consistent and complete view of the customer. MDM and data virtualization together provide the complete customer context – a single view of the customer along with associated transactions. With it, companies can instantaneously reduce customer attrition, increase revenue with...
Accelerating Business Value with Data Virtualization Solutions
Organizations for all sizes and types face significant data integration challenges today. New data storage and processing technologies, such as Hadoop, Spark, etc., can offer organizations with more insights and actionable information to help drive their operations.  However these new technologies also raise challenges; how can I best leverage this ‘new data’? How can I better utilize my existing data assets? How can I simplify the use of external data? And so on. Data virtualization can help address these challenges by enabling modern flexible data architectures such as data lakes and...