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Information Management Solution from Affecto and Denodo

Traditional integration technologies are rigid and costly. This severely limits visibility into business information and prevents the enterprise from capitalizing on the data they are sitting on. Worse, organizations are faced with the escalating cost of cumbersome legacy data management techniques.Data virtualization is an agile data integration platform that makes it easy to abstract and view data, no matter where the data resides. Affecto and Denodo have joined forces to bring the power and benefits of data virtualization to the market. Leveraging Denodo’s superior technology and Affecto’s...

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AAA Uses Virtualized Data to Deliver Flexible Information Architecture

AAA of Northern CA, NV, and UT recently reorganized its operations to create a for-profit insurance division and a not-for-profit auto division (Auto Club). While the Auto Club put in place its data center, integration platforms and applications, it shared IT resources with the insurance division so as to keep its operational applications, like reporting tool sand call centers, working as usual. As a result, the company was looking for a way to create an abstraction layer that deployed quickly and continued to feed the operational applications while migration continued under the hood.From a...

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Best Practices for Deploying Data Virtualization in the Cloud

Denodo partner presentation by Rajat Sinha, Director - Alliances at Wipro Limited.

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Removing Bottlenecks from Data Science

Denodo presentation by Juan Lozano, Director, North America Presales Engineering, Denodo.

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Product Demonstration: Exploring the Benefits of the Denodo Data Catalog

Take a guided tour through the Denodo Data Catalog and see how easy it is to explore, prepare and manage your data.

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Denodo Announces Validation on HPE Vertica, Joins HPE Big Data Platform Technology Alliance

PALO ALTO, CA, October 31, 2016 - Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has tested and validated the Denodo Platform for integration with HPE Vertica, the industry’s most advanced SQL database analytics platform. The integration of Denodo’s platform will enable customers to integrate HPE Vertica with the Denodo Platform as either a data source or a high-performance cache, with maximum interoperability and performance. Additionally, customers will be able to build a logical data warehouse architecture, which was identified by Gartner...

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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions for Data Virtualization (Japanese)

This document explains the most typical questions that anyone needs to know about Data Virtualization, and describes the Denodo Platform Architecture, its benefits and the main use cases.

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Data Virtualization: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

This document explains the most typical questions that anyone needs to know about Data Virtualization, including:What is Data Virtualization?Why is DV a recommended approach for companies needing agile data integration?Why is DV cheaper and faster?What projects or use cases are ideal for DV?Does DV support the integration of Web data?How does DV handle Data Quality requirements?What about DV performance?How is DV different from Data Federation tools?How does DV complement Data Warehousing and SOA?What is the cost and ROI of DV?Also, the document describes the Denodo Platform Architecture, its...

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IBM and Denodo in the Spotlight

Denodo and IBM have partnered to provide integrated solutions for IBM PureData™ and IBM BigInsights™. Register now to watch this essential guide to using data virtualization and big data for analytics.

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Denodo Platform 5.0 Broadens Enterprise Use of Data Virtualization with Linked Data Services

Latest Version Provides Easier Way for Users and BI / Application Developers to Discover and Consume Any Enterprise Data AssetGARTNER BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & ANALYTICS SUMMIT, March 19, 2013, GRAPEVINE, TX, Booth #224 -Denodo Technologies, the leader in data virtualization, today announced the immediate availability of the Denodo Platform 5.0. The latest version of Denodo´s award winning Data Virtualization solution is the industry’s first technology platform that opens Data Virtualization to broader enterprise-wide use across agile business intelligence, Big Data analytics and agile...

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