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Information Management Solution from Affecto and Denodo

Traditional integration technologies are rigid and costly. This severely limits visibility into business information and prevents the enterprise from capitalizing on the data they are sitting on. Worse, organizations are faced with the escalating cost of cumbersome legacy data management techniques.Data virtualization is an agile data integration platform that makes it easy to abstract and view data, no matter where the data resides. Affecto and Denodo have joined forces to bring the power and benefits of data virtualization to the market. Leveraging Denodo’s superior technology and Affecto’s...

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Johannesburg Stock Exchange Leverages the Denodo Platform to Verify Billions of Dollars in Trades Every Day

The JSE, founded in 1887, is the largest stock exchange in Africa. It ranks as one of the 20 largest stock exchanges in the world by market capitalization. The JSE has operated as a marketplace for the trading of financial products for over 120 years. During this time, the JSE has evolved from a traditional floor-based outcry market to a modern securities exchange providing electronic trading, clearing and settlement in underlying and derivative instruments for a variety of asset classes, and has extensive surveillance and regulation capabilities. The JSE also operates the South African...

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Sicredi Enables Data Democratization and Self-Service with the Denodo Platform

Sicredi, comprised of 108 different credit unions, is the biggest credit union in Brazil. As a cooperative system, Sicredi offers financial solutions to increase income and contribute to improving the quality of life of its members and society. Sicredi has more than 5 million associates spread across almost every state of Brazil, who participate in its business decision-making process. Overall, the union has more than $31 billion in assets and an employee base of more than 30 thousand.To improve the flow of data throughout the organization, Sicredi consolidated data from disparate, siloed...

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GraphQL en Denodo Platform, een gouden combinatie! (DACH)

Sinds de ontwikkeling van GraphQL in 2016 door Facebook, heeft deze query taal gestaag aan populariteit gewonnen ten opzichte van bijvoorbeeld REST API’s. GraphQL biedt ontwikkelaars een uiterst effectieve data-fetching technologie die ervoor zorgt dat alleen de absoluut noodzakelijke en relevante data wordt opgehaald, zelfs als die data uit meerdere bronnen komt. Dat biedt grote performancevoordelen ten opzichte van meer traditionele technologieën. En dat is belangrijk in een wereld waarin API’s een steeds grotere rol gaan spelen.

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Leverages the Denodo Platform to Streamline Operations

FAA leveraged the Denodo platform to reduce the IT Operations Cost by 99.8%, while accelerating data access by 96%. To reduce costs and streamline IT operations, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wanted to consolidate multiple IT organizations – each supporting different mission areas – into a single office reporting to a single CIO.This customer case study will cover: ­Company's business challenge ­How they used data virtualization to address their business challenge ­ ­Why they chose the Denodo platformWhat the benefits of data virtualization are in their particular case

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Accelerating Data-Driven Enterprise Transformation for Insurers (ASEAN)

Presented at Future Finance Live: Digital Transformation for Insurance (6th Edition) Watch this on-demand session to learn:Find out why data virtualization should be a part of Insurer's enterprise data strategySee how this technology can help you capitalize on your dataHear how many of your peers are already leveraging the Denodo Platform for Data Virtualization and the benefits they’re observing

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AAA Uses Virtualized Data to Deliver Flexible Information Architecture

AAA of Northern CA, NV, and UT recently reorganized its operations to create a for-profit insurance division and a not-for-profit auto division (Auto Club). While the Auto Club put in place its data center, integration platforms and applications, it shared IT resources with the insurance division so as to keep its operational applications, like reporting tool sand call centers, working as usual. As a result, the company was looking for a way to create an abstraction layer that deployed quickly and continued to feed the operational applications while migration continued under the hood.From a...

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Best Practices for Deploying Data Virtualization in the Cloud

Denodo partner presentation by Rajat Sinha, Director - Alliances at Wipro Limited.

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Product Demonstration: Exploring the Benefits of the Denodo Data Catalog

Take a guided tour through the Denodo Data Catalog and see how easy it is to explore, prepare and manage your data.

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Removing Bottlenecks from Data Science

Denodo presentation by Juan Lozano, Director, North America Presales Engineering, Denodo.

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