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Data Driven Advanced Analytics using Denodo Platform on AWS

Accelerating cloud adoption and modernizing analytics in the cloud has become a necessity to facilitate timely, insightful, and impactful decision making. However, with the widespread data in an organization across disparate hybrid cloud data sources poses a challenge with real time and well governed analytics. Data Virtualization is a modern data integration technique in which a single semantic layer can be built to help drive data democratization and speed up the analytics in an efficient and cost-effective manner.Watch this session to learn:How various AWS services (Redshift, S3, RDS) can...

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Information Management Solution from Affecto and Denodo

Traditional integration technologies are rigid and costly. This severely limits visibility into business information and prevents the enterprise from capitalizing on the data they are sitting on. Worse, organizations are faced with the escalating cost of cumbersome legacy data management techniques.Data virtualization is an agile data integration platform that makes it easy to abstract and view data, no matter where the data resides. Affecto and Denodo have joined forces to bring the power and benefits of data virtualization to the market. Leveraging Denodo’s superior technology and Affecto’s...

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Innovation im Fokus: Denodo Tech Update für Partner (German)

Mit einem neuen Online-Format für unsere Partner Community in der DACH-Region möchten wir technische Neuerungen rund um die Denodo Plattform aufzeigen sowie die Vorteile spezifischer Features und deren Einsatzmöglichkeiten vorstellen.Das Webinar “Innovation im Fokus: Denodo Tech Update für Partner” richtet sich an die "Technical Consultants" bei unseren Partnern, die bei ihren Kunden die Denodo Plattform positionieren, implementieren oder betreiben. Eine vorhandene Denodo Zertifizierung wäre empfehlenswert, ist aber keine obligatorische Voraussetzung für die Teilnahme.

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The Bültel Group Regains Control of Its Data with Data Virtualization

With a new data architecture and the introduction of the Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization, the Bültel International Fashion Group, together with QuinScape, broke down data silos that have grown over decades, to regain control over the data.

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Customer Case Study: RTBF

RTBF saves in storage and migration costs thanks to Denodo

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Denodo Partner Connect: Technical Webinar - Ask Me Anything

In this session, we will cover a deeper dive into the Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Associate (DEN80EDUCAA) exam by answering any questions that have developed since the previous session.Additionally, we invite partners to bring any general questions related to Denodo, the Denodo Platform, or data management.

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Denodo Partner Connect: Technical Webinar - Architect Associate Certification Preparation

The purpose of the Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Associate (DEN80EDUCAA) exam is to provide organizations that use Denodo Platform 8.0 with a means of identifying suitably qualified data architects who understand the role and position of the Denodo Platform within their broader information architecture.This exam covers the following technical topics and subject areas:Denodo Platform functionality, includingGovernance and metadata managementSecurityPerformance optimizationCachingDefining Denodo Platform use scenariosAlong with some sample questions, a Denodo Sales Engineer will help...

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Digital Transformation and the Insurance Industry

Taking customer experience to the next level with Logical Customer 360

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Things to take into account before the journey to Logical Customer 360 starts

The importance of finding a use case and building on it, relying on experts, or seeking continuous improvement to ensure optimal use of the solution, are some of the lessons learned from Mapfre during this journey.

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Learn how processes and analytics improve through a Logical Customer 360

Denodo Platform enabled improved customer engagement and retention, significant upsell of additional policies for each household, and reduced cost and increased productivity of customer service, while also reducing costs and increasing productivity through application modernization.

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