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Customer Case Study: Digital Realty
In this video, Paul Balas, Vice President of Business Intelligence at Digital Realty, discusses why they chose the Denodo Platform and how data virtualization helped them go to market with new combined products and services.This customer case study video will cover:Digital Realty’s specific business challengeHow they used data virtualization to address this business challengeWhat the benefits of data virtualization are in their particular caseWhy they chose the Denodo platformHow they plan to utilize the Denodo platform and data virtualization in future
The Roles of ETL, ESB, and Data Virtualization Technologies in Integration Landscapes
The problem of data silos, which are data sources that are unable to easily share data from one to the other, has plagued the IT landscape for many years, and continues to do so today, despite the advents of broadband Internet, gigabit networking, and cloud-based storage.The problem with data siloes is that no one can run a query across them; they must be queried separately, and the separate results need to be added together manually, which is costly, time-consuming, and inefficient. To bring the data together, companies use one or more of the following data integration strategies:Extract,...
Denodo DataFest 2016 Interviews: Digital Realty
In this interview, Paul Balas, VP of information delivery at Digital Realty, discusses the value proposition of leveraging Denodo Platform and Semarchy's MDM platform to achieve valuable outcomes.Visit the Denodo DataFest 2016 page for details on all the sessions.
Digital Realty Case Study: Providing Instant Value to Business Users and Customers
Global Data Center Solution Provider Improves Agility and Time-To-Value by 80%Digital Realty has been growing significantly. As the company became popular within specific areas such as professional services, colocation, cloud services, and interconnection services, Digital Realty acquired many new companies – and in turn new systems – to offer best-of-breed solutions. To provide instant value to both internal business users and customers, Digital Realty needed to integrate all newly acquired systems with its enterprise data platform with agility, nimbleness, and proper governance, in real...
Modernizing Data Warehouse Using Real-time Data Virtualization and MDM
Modernizing a data warehouse is no easy task. Digital Realty successfully accomplished this goal by using a data abstraction layer supported by real-time data virtualization. Now they are expanding this abstraction layer to support a MDM project to create a 360-degree of their customers.In this presentation, the VP of BI and Chief Information Architect at Digital Realty, Paul Balas presents:The challenges associated with modernizing data warehouseHow to build a data abstraction layer using data virtualizationHow to extend the abstraction layer to support MDM projectsThis session also includes...