Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2017

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Partner Interview with EOH at Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit

In this interview, Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing speaks to Arthur Britz, Executive at EOH information services. Arthur discusses how EOH are leveraging data virtualization, what the benefits are that he has noticed and includes some example use cases among the EOH customer base.Visit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.

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How Big Data Fabric Enhances Hadoop, IoT, and MDM Projects

How critical is MDM in the creation of your big data fabric? 3 experts in the areas of Hadoop, IoT and MDM discuss how these analytics can work in tandem to enhance your data architecture.

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Enabling Advanced and Predictive Analytics with Big Data Fabric

It is the year of predictive analytics. As more and more millennials are turning to online processes and the customer demand for real-time action becomes more pressing, the demand for this market is growing. Industries are building platforms which combine predictive analytics and machine learning as well as complex systems of engagement to keep up with this growing momentum.In this session you will hear the following panel of experts discuss this theme in detail:

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Demo: Data Virtualization as a Core Component of Big Data Fabric

Big data fabric combines essential big data capabilities in a single platform to automate the many facets of data discovery, preparation, curation, orchestration, and integration across a multitude of data sources.Attend this session, presented by Pablo Alvarez, Director of Solutions Consulting, Denodo to view the demonstration of big data fabric, and to learn how data virtualization constitutes a recipe for:Enabling new actionable insights with minimal effortSecuring big data end-to-endAddressing big data skillset scarcityProviding easy access to big data without having to decipher various...

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Data Architectures For Agile Analytics

Businesses need agility and speed to outsmart competition. Traditional integration technologies such as ETL, for materializing views and replicating data are rapidly being replaced by agile data modeling and modern data applications.In this presentation, Nouras Haddad, Director of Technology Alliances, Looker will present:The challenges of traditional analytical approachesThe journey to Agile AnalyticsUse cases and logical architectures from successful implementationsVisit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.

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Enabling a Big Data Fabric through Real-time, Agile, and IoT Aware Data Services

Streaming real-time data from Internet of Things holds new promise. Businesses require assessing performance of machines / processes and adjusting on-the-fly to ensure optimal performance. But to make sense of the streaming data, it needs to be combined with the information about the part, machine, owner, location, etc., which are stored in other enterprise systems. Big data fabric combines the streaming data with related enterprise data to deliver holistic information.In this presentation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Chief Enterprise Information Architect, Clinton Cohagan will...

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Applying a Three-Tiered Data Strategy

Is your organization drowning in the data lake too? Leading big data organizations are leveraging a multi-tiered approach to data for consumption in Tableau.In this session, Dan Kogan, Director of Product Marketing, Tableau will present:Present the challenges of visualizing big dataEstablish best practices for leveraging Hadoop/Spark directly, and through the Big data Fabric layer such as Data VirtualizationShare big data customer use casesVisit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.

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How Do You “Sur-thrive” Hyperadoption?

We are evolving from an information era to a customer-centric era. Enterprises must be innovative in delivering systems of insight to remain competitive. In this keynote session, our guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins will discuss the importance of hyper-agility and the need to evolve from a lake to a fabric.In this session, Brian will discuss:

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