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Reinventing Data Management for a Successful Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategy

Hybrid cloud computing is slowing becoming the standard for businesses. The transition to hybrid can be challenging depending on the environment and the needs of the business. A successful move will involve using the right technology and seeking the right help. At the same time, multi-cloud strategies are on the rise. More enterprise organizations than ever before are analyzing their current technology portfolio and defining a cloud strategy that encompasses multiple cloud platforms to suit specific app workloads, and move those workloads as they see fit.Data Virtualization can help...

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Denodo DataFest 2019 EMEA Interview: InfoRoad

An interview with Bart De Groeve, Manager, InfoRoad, a Denodo partner and official sponsor of Denodo DataFest 2019.

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Denodo DataFest 2017 Interviews: InfoRoad

In this interview, Bart de Groeve, Practice Leader at InfoRoad discusses the three main trends that he has witnessed in the analytics and BI markets.Visit the Denodo DataFest 2017 page for details on all the sessions.

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