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The Phone House Reduces Client's Waiting Time by 75% and Benefits from a 50% Improvement in Overall In-Store Efficiency Thanks to Denodo Data Virtualization
In The Phone House's retail model, completing customer phone activations or migrations in the minimum time, with no errors and at the lowest possible cost is key to customer satisfaction and revenue growth. This used to require cumbersome manual operations by store clerks to synchronize data with service provider systems over the extranets.With the deployment of Denodo's Data Virtualization Platform, The Phone House has realized significant benefits:
The Phone House Increases Global Efficiency by More than 50% and Reduces Client In-Store Waiting Times by 75% with Denodo Data Virtualization
Before deploying a Data Virtualization solution, there was no direct access to the telecommunication operators systems nor was there any standards or interfaces for automatic information exchange and synchronization (activations, migrations, etc).In order to execute their required business processes via the Web, The Phone House needed to resolve a series of technical difficulties:
Video: Data Virtualization Speeds Customer Service and Back Office Integration at Retailer
Best Buy Mobile / Phone House / Carphone Warehouse is the world´s largest independent telecommunications retailer. In their fast-paced retail environment, serving customers with integrated solutions from multiple vendors was a challenge. Back-end integrations with service providers were often slow or error-prone and led to long waits for customers, multiple visits and missed revenue. So, Phone house used a data virtualization platform to increase automation of its business processes and enable back office supplier integration which led to several benefits.Customer satisfaction increased due...
Phone House
ChallengesHigh manual efforts in keeping data in sync with external service provider systems over extranetsGreater errors in customer activation process due to data inconsistencies between internal and external operational systemsReduced customer service levels due to delays and errors in phone plan activations and migrationsSolutionDenodo Data Virtualization was deployed to build the Phone House B2B process automation solutionDenodo’s connectors provided standard interfaces and bidirectional integration with external telecom operator systemsDenodo’s web automation capabilities automated the...