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Data Virtualization: R offers rapid product innovation and superior customer service
Leading telecommunications vendor R presents how Denodo Data Virtualization technology enabled them to deliver on their corporate mission to compete against established incumbents in their markets by providing rapid product innovation and superior customer service.Key issues addressed:
Data Virtualization for Unified Data Services: Fast, Flexible Data Delivery
Featured Guest: Randy Heffner, VP & Principal Analyst & Denodo Customers, Biogen Idec & R Cable.Leading organizations are investing in new business capabilities, but are they tackling the exponential growth of data and process integration challenges?To fully leverage new business capability investments, organizations need faster, more flexible data delivery to a multitude of new applications amidst increasing data volumes, diversity and complexity of data sources. Traditional integration approaches are far too costly and not flexible enough to deliver data when and where required.
Video: Agile Telecom Information Strategies in R– Proven Data Virtualization ROI
How do agile information strategies change an organization success in the marketplace? R is a Spanish regional telecommunications company with quadruple-play offerings of phone, TV, internet and mobile. Despite entering a saturated and competitive market, R has gained nearly 70% market share by focusing on Customer Service and Product Innovation. Innovative IT strategies that leverage Data Virtualization throughout its BI and operational applications to complement existing EAI, ETL and Telecom solutions packages, has earned the company “CIO of the Year” title in 2011. This session will inform...
Data Virtualization R: a Success Story
Leveraging the real value of all data is not an easy task. Organizations compile and store data from multiple channels, stored in different information systems, from heterogeneous environments, and in different formats. Direct and real time access to data and the efficient management of this data is a growing concern. The scale of the problem is such that it can lead to the downfall not only of ICT projects, but also of strategic business initiatives and even companies. An organization´s data integration layer is a critical component and there is a tendency to be overly optimistic about its...
R Cable
ChallengesR faced the following challenges in providing customer service and speeding up product time to market.