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Data Virtualization — Strategic Implementation for Dynamic Linked Data Services

An Interview with Leading Investment Management Company by Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research.
In an earlier webinar, "Unlocking Agility with Data Virtualization", Brian Hopkins of Forrester Research described the tactical use of Data Virtualization as a utility tool to complement traditional data integration approaches.

In this sequel, Brian Hopkins will discuss a different, strategic, enterprise-wide approach to Data Virtualization with Greg Williams and Martyn Hill, the architect and implementation lead respectively for this project at Leading Investment Management Company. They will explain how they used Data Virtualization to create a platform for dynamic linked data services, where each data element can be linkable, browsable, and subscribable through a unified source of reference, even as data and sources change dynamically.

Attendees will gain unique insights into:

  • How to approach Data Virtualization strategically — making a VC-style pitch to sell the outcome (linked data services), and not the technology
  • Steps from vision to implementation — emphasizing performance and supportability for enterprise–wide use from the beginning
  • Importance of demonstrating business value of linked data services — involving executives, other IT teams, business end users early and often in proof of value
  • ROI lessons for strategic deployments of Data Virtualization — using a funding model that increases adoption and accelerates break-even and positive ROI