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The data required for carbon reporting covers the entire life cycle of goods, from product transportation to waste and recycling. It often comes from different systems, such as ERPSHR systems or CRMS, and much of the data will be external to an organization. 

Let's look at how the Denodo Platform can support organizations through a carbon reporting cockpit, providing visibility into their greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the environment.

For this demonstration, we will show how to obtain a complete view of carbon emissions across employees and suppliers. The emissions will include data for travel to and from work, business travel, and office electricity consumption. This emissions data is stored in three separate systems.

We will show you how easily you can bring data together to obtain a consolidated view of these environmental sustainability metrics and visualize them via a dashboard.

The Denodo Platform provides a solid data foundation for measuring and monitoring key regulatory metrics, which help make business decisions about minimizing a company's environmental footprint.

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