Analyst Webinar: Discover how a logical data fabric helps organizations avoid data silos and black holes

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Jacqueline Bloemen
Jacqueline Bloemen Senior Analyst BARC
Robin Tandon
Robin Tandon Director of Product Marketing, EMEA and LATAM Denodo

In this webinar, we’ll be tackling the question of where our data is and how we can avoid it falling into a black hole.

We’ll examine how data blackholes and silos come to be and the challenges these pose to organisations. We will also look at the impact of data silos as organisations adopt more complex multi-cloud setups. Finally, we will discuss the opportunities a logical data fabric poses to assist organisations to avoid data silos and manage data in a centrally governed and controlled environment.

Join us and Barc’s Jacqueline Bloemen on this webinar to get the answer and further insights on how to better avoid falling into a #datablackhole. Hope to see you connected!

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