CITY Furniture: Building an Enterprise-wide Logical Data Fabric at the Core of Their Digital Transformation

Customer Keynote by Chad Simpson, CIO at CITY Furniture.

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Chad Simpson
Chad Simpson Chief Information Officer City Furniture

CITY Furniture, a Florida based retail giant, realized that bringing data from its orbital position to the core nucleus of the business decision-making was critical to meeting its business goals. That required an enterprise-wide digital transformation where data science and advanced analytics became the foundation for the company's new digital business model. Building a Logical Data Fabric allowed CITY Furniture to democratize their data and empower all their distributed data consumers.

Learn how the fast-growing retail company could virtualize all its data sources and create a semantic layer to connect and deliver critical data-driven insights to all data consumers. This integrated data view empowered data users from marketing, sales, operations, supply chain, and merchandising functions to make critical insights-driven decisions that helped CITY Furniture increase their market share and grow the business beyond the borders of Florida.

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