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Jacqueline Bloemen

Senior Analyst

Kevin Bohan

Director of Product Marketing

Data mesh is a hot buzzword, but what is behind it? The concept promises to address some highly relevant problem areas. How are your peers viewing the hype vs. reality? Are the principles of data mesh suitable for solving the challenges many face?

Joined by BARC’s Senior Analyst, Jacqueline Bloemen, an industry thought leader with over 35 years of experience, currently focusing her research on the transformation to become a data-driven enterprise.

Jacqueline will dive into a recent study by BARC on how organizations view data mesh and whether they are leveraging this concept in their data modernization journeys. The survey results will explore the following:

  • The relevance a data mesh has in addressing today's data challenges.
  • How should a self-service data platform be shaped?
  • What role is data governance playing in data modernization projects?
  • How far along are your peers, and how do you compare?

After her presentation, Jacqueline will be joined by Kevin Bohan of Denodo for an open discussion on the survey findings. This discussion will include an opportunity for you to ask questions of our speakers.

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