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Data Virtualization for Agile Business Intelligence Systems

Speakers: Rick F. van der Lans, Industry Analyst, R20/Consultancy

A considerable amount of the business intelligence and informational applications rely on data warehouses solutions and a traditional waterfall approach to designing business intelligence systems. Data Virtualization, which abstracts and allows loose coupling of data consumers and data sources, provides not just a technology, but also a new way of thinking about information management at a time when the complexity and volume of data, and the heterogeneity of sources is growing exponentially. This session covers the value that Data Virtualization can add to data warehouse architectures and business intelligence initiatives to provide more flexibility at lower cost, enable self-service BI, operational BI, rapid prototyping, and real-time analytics.

Rick F. van der Lans, Industry Analyst, R20/Consultancy 
Rick van der Lans is an independent analyst, consultant, author and lecturer specializing in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Service Oriented Architectures, and Database Technology. He is Managing Director of R20/Consultancy based in The Netherlands. Rick has advised many large companies worldwide on defining their data warehouse, business intelligence, and SOA architectures. For the last 25 years, he has been presenting professionally including keynotes at international events. He is chairman of the European Data warehouse Conference (organised annually in London), chairman of the annual Dutch BI event, he writes for the B-eye-Network, and he is columnist for Database Magazine. He will deliver the keynote on Data Virtualization at the IRM UK Date Warehouse & Business Intelligence conference in London in November 2011.


Rick F. van der Lans, Industry Analyst, R20/Consultancy

Role: Architect
Solution: Agile BI