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Data Virtualization for Unified Data Services: Fast, Flexible Data Delivery

Featured Guest: Randy Heffner, VP & Principal Analyst & Denodo Customers, Biogen Idec & R Cable.

Leading organizations are investing in new business capabilities, but are they tackling the exponential growth of data and process integration challenges?

To fully leverage new business capability investments, organizations need faster, more flexible data delivery to a multitude of new applications amidst increasing data volumes, diversity and complexity of data sources. Traditional integration approaches are far too costly and not flexible enough to deliver data when and where required.

Join featured guest, Randy Heffner, and Denodo customers, Biogen Idec and R Cable, for a lively webinar to get first hand insight on how Data Virtualization is helping organizations on both sides of the Atlantic address these challenges. Randy Heffner will describe how Data Virtualization and a Unified Data Layer provide tangible value and ROI as part of a comprehensive information architecture. Falak Patel of Biogen Idec and Oscar Fafian of RCable will share why, where and how their organizations have deployed Data Virtualization - evolving from tactical projects for faster data delivery to building strategic enterprise data services to support agile BI and processes.

Attend and learn:

  • Strategies for implementing an agile information architecture.
  • How Data Virtualization is used to build a Unified Data Layer.
  • Tactical advantages of Data Virtualization for accelerating stalled data integration initiatives and rapidly meet business requests.
  • Real-life lessons from customers using Denodo Data Virtualization as they evolved from tactical projects to enterprise data services.