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Errol Rodericks

EMEA & LATAM Product & Solutions Marketing Director, Denodo

Tauno Tamm
Tauno Tamm

Chief Data Officer, Statistics Estonia

Public sector statistics face rapid transformation due to evolving needs, technological advances and data complexity. 

In this webinar, our speakers will discuss some of the common challenges in this sector:

  • Tackling data volume and complexity
  • Data geo-dispersion with fragmentation across sources
  • Sharing data with other public, national and international entities
  • Compliance with data legislation
  • The role of data in relation to the Data Governance Act
  • The need for speed and strict timelines adherence
  • Timely reporting, standardisation and public trust

Our guest speaker, Tauno Tamm, will share insights on how Statistics Estonia is leveraging the Denodo Platform to accelerate big/advanced query scenarios, help statisticians with easy data browsing, data access and data management, as well as their plans to expand the use of the platform.

Watch this webinar to learn more about innovative ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of public sector data.

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