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Felix Liao

Director of Product Management, APAC

Announcing the launch of Denodo Platform 9, a transformative leap in data management! This release redefines intelligent data delivery by integrating GenerativeAI, bringing a new level of productivity and capability to your business processes. With Denodo Platform 9, your data users can autonomously discover and prepare data, supported by built-in security and governance. 

Join us for this partner-focused webinar, hosted by Felix Laio, Product Management Director, APAC and discover how Denodo Platform 9 will help elevate your data strategy and harness the power of AI.

Key Highlights:

Generative AI Integration for Accelerated Insights

  • Seamlessly pose complex queries using natural language and receive precise, instant answers from relevant data across your organization – No SQL coding or data engineering required
  • Enhanced Self-Service for Business Users – Accelerate insights with Generative AI-powered queries and empower users to query data independently.

Improved Developer Experience

  • Streamlined development operations with Intuitive interaction – Apply agile practices for faster time-to-value.

Enhanced Data Lake Support & Capabilities

  • Simplified configurations with intuitive interfaces for Delta and Iceberg tables to help you unlock big data analytics capabilities.
  • MPP Data Lake Accelerator (Enterprise Plus Version) – No need for alternative technologies to expand the possibilities for customers.

We are confident that Denodo Platform 9 will significantly enhance your team's ability to support customers’ business data needs while driving innovation!

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