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Mark Rowan

Chief Executive Officer

Bhavita Jaiswal

Sales Engineer

The ability to recognize and flag sensitive information within corporate datasets is essential for compliance with emerging privacy laws, for completing a privacy impact assessment (PIA) or data subject access request (DSAR), and also for cyber-insurance compliance. During this session, we will discuss data privacy laws, the challenges they present, and how they can be applied with modern tools.

Join us for the session driven by Mark Rowan, CEO at Data Sentinel, and Bhavita Jaiswal, SE at Denodo, who will show how a data classification engine augments Data Catalog to support data governance and compliance objectives.

Watch on-demand & Learn:

  • Changing landscape of data privacy laws and compliance requirements
  • How to create a data classification framework
  • How Data Sentinel classifies data and this can be integrated into Denodo
  • Using the enhanced data classifications via consuming tools such as Data Catalog and Power BI

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