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Shanmuga Sunthar Muniandy

Director of Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist, APAC

In the public sector, data often needs to be integrated in a governed and trusted manner for outcomes such as enhanced citizen services, real-time insights for decision making, streamlining processes, and reducing administrative overhead. An innovative data fabric can enable augmented data integration and sharing across government agencies and deliver data in the language and speed required for these outcomes. This innovative approach is logical in nature, enabling data minimization by leaving data at its source and restricting the need for data movement and replication. The logical approach enforces a single point for governance and security, helping meet regulatory compliance needs for data, for example in Singapore’s Model Governance Framework for Generative AI.

The same logical data fabric can enable integration of data for Gen AI applications, such as smart citizen service assistants – providing a seamless experience to data consumers whether business or technical.

Join us to explore how an innovative data fabric can make public sector organizations even more agile and responsive to citizen needs.

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