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Joanne Friedman, Ph.D.

CEO | Principal, Smart Manufacturing

Dave Nixon

Enterprise Data Account Executive

Darrin Joncas

Managing Partner

Sathyan Munirathinam, Ph.D.

Senior Manager | CS Data and Analytics

Dimuth Samaranayaka

Executive Manager – Strategy & Centre of Excellence

In today’s turbulent economies, manufacturers and their supply chain partners know to improve time-to-value they need to accelerate the pace of operations and make better, informed decisions faster. That’s a challenge when petabytes of collected data may be trapped in disparate, siloed systems─ in the cloud, in a data center, or on an edge device.

In this panel, subject matter experts will discuss how manufacturing and supply chain leaders can optimize time to data. And create the data-driven intelligence needed for faster time to decisions and deliver more customer value faster and at a lower cost.

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