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Inventing Architectures, Improving Decisions and Leading Change at Indiana University

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Dan Young
Dan Young Chief Data Architect Indiana University

Join the Higher Education Analytics community to hear about the success of Indiana University and their ‘Decision Support Initiative’ using Data Virtualization.

Indiana University’s very own Dan Young presents the of change, a tale of both the strategic and tactical road travelled towards building a fully functional analytics institution. You will hear about constructing an agile BI team, developing business “Product Owner” relationships, adopting a robust, logical data warehouse and establishing a grass-roots data governance program.

During the use case you will hear how Indiana University did the following:

  • Constructed an Agile Business Intelligence team
  • Developed Business “Product Owner” relationships
  • Adopted a robust, logical data warehouse
  • Established a grass-roots data governance program

This event was hosted by our Partner, Newcomp Analytics.

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