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Alexey Sidorov

Data Management Director, Chief Evangelist

Organizations continue to collect mounds of data and it is spread over different locations and in different formats. The challenge is navigating the vastness and complexity of the modern data ecosystem to find the right data to suit your specific business purpose. Data is an important corporate asset and it needs to be leveraged but also protected.

By adopting an alternate approach to data management and adapting a logical data architecture, data can be democratized while providing centralized control within a distributed data landscape. The web-based Data Catalog tool acts as a single access point for secure enterprise-wide data access and governance. This corporate data marketplace provides visibility into your data ecosystem and allows data to be shared without compromising data security policies.

Catch this live webinar to understand how this approach can transform how you leverage data across the business:

  • Empower the knowledge worker with data and increase productivity
  • Promote data accuracy and trust to encourage re-use of important data assets
  • Apply consistent security and governance policies across the enterprise data landscape

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