Logical Data Fabric vs Data Mesh. Does it Matter?

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Ravi Shankar
Ravi Shankar Sr. VP & CMO Denodo
Mark L Johnson
Mark L Johnson Executive Director, Client Solutions Fusion Alliance

Data Fabric and Data Mesh had been trending high in the data and analytics space, so what is a data fabric and what is a data mesh? How are they different and does it matter?

In this session, Ravi Shankar, Sr. VP and CMO at Denodo, will address the market and analyst views of these two approaches and how they complement each other. His presentation will be followed by an insightful and engaging fireside chat with Mark L Johnson, Executive Director, Client Solutions at Fusion Alliance to further discuss what it all means in terms of value to the customer.

Watch On-Demand and Learn:

  • Concepts of a logical data fabric and also the processes outlined in a data mesh.
  • How the logical approach to data management and integration is both as relevant for a logical data fabric as well as a data mesh.
  • The role logical data fabric has played in success with a data mesh through a specific customer implementation example.

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