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Paul Moxon

SVP Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist

So you’re building a data lake to solve your big data challenges. A data lake will allow you to keep all of your raw, detailed data in a single, consolidated repository; therefore, your problem is solved. Or is it? Is it really that easy?

Data lakes have their use and purpose, and we’re not here to argue that. However, data lakes on their own are constrained by factors such as duplication of data and therefore higher costs, governance limitations, and the risk of becoming another data silo.

With the addition of data virtualization, a physical data lake, can turn into a virtual or logical data like through an abstraction layer. Data virtualization can facilitate and expedite accessing and exploring critical data in a cost-effective manner and assist in deriving a greater return on the data lake investment.

You might still not be convinced. Give us an opportunity and join us as we try to bust this myth!

Watch this webinar as we explore the promises of a data lake as well as its downfalls to draw a final conclusion.

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