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Paul Moxon

SVP Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist

So your data architecture keeps getting more and more complex - new data sources, new data types and formats, and ever-increasing demands from the users for more, better, and faster data. You're struggling to keep up and your users are getting more and more vocal about the amount of time it takes to get their data. But you have faith in your ETL tools. They've solved the problem in the past and you're sure that they can do the same now…or can they?

ETL tools - or even the ELT variants - have their use and purpose. We're not going to argue that.

However, they are not the solution to all of your data integration and access challenges.

Data Virtualization can provide quicker and easier access to integrated and curated data that doesn't require the creation of data replication pipelines and tasks. In many circumstances, this can be a better alternative to ETL and can promote self-service initiatives to reduce the pressure on stressed ETL teams.

Not convinced? Give us an opportunity and join us as we try to bust this myth!

Watch this webinar as we explore the benefits and pitfalls of ETL and how Data Virtualization can be a complementary alternative to copying data to make it accessible by users.

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