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Paul Moxon

SVP Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist

Cameron Chehreh


Tom Ragland

Business Development and Integration, Dell Technologies

Cherylyn Harley LeBon

Corporate and Government Contracting

What is Denodo Technologies and how does it fit into Data Fabric Architecture? Find out how Denodo is a leader in the data integration and data management space and is recognized by industry leaders. Organizations and Government agencies have data scattered across various locations, databases & data warehouses. A Data Fabric is an enveloping layer on top that extracts data from all these sources and allows users to access data without having to worry about where it is located.

Watch this webinar to learn how Data Fabric helps Denodo provide an effective data management solution. The solution is a source of digital transformation that not only helps provide on-demand access to real time data, but also helps users make calculated decisions based on accountable data sources.

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