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Javier Gayoso

Technical Consultant

Securitizing data is one of the most important tasks in an organization. Denodo can offer a wide range of data, gathering data from different sources, and delivering this data to many client applications and final users. When returning the data, Denodo provides several options to securitize the data, and just let the right users and client applications read this data. One of the options for achieving this purpose is using fine-grained privileges over the view.

Join us in this session with Javier Gayoso, a Technical Consultant at Denodo, in which we will go into the importance of security policies based on fine-grained privileges over the views at different layers, and how this can be implemented in the Denodo Platform. This session is a follow-up to the Tech Talk session “Surpassing element by element access control: semantic-based security policies”, and previous knowledge on Denodo Security and the different features of fine-grained view privileges is recommended.

Watch on-demand & learn:

  • Modeling fine-grained privileges in a multi-layer architecture using roles.
  • Designing the caching and smart query acceleration strategies considering the view security requirements.

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