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Pablo Alvarez

Global Director of Product Management

Steven Totman

Chief Product Officer

Bruno Grieder

CTO & Co-founder

Jake Lundberg

Field CTO

Data democratization is at the center stage of modern data initiatives, and a key element of self-service and data marketplace implementations. At the same time, transition to cloud and hosted environments from an on-prem culture are the norm. They are also the perfect scenario for exposing confidential or sensitive information to criminal elements. Recent regulations, like GDPR, HIPPA and many others, have put an emphasis on secure data handling. However, implementations at the enterprise level are far from easy. Fortunately, it has also been the focus of many data management vendors, including Denodo. For this session, we have assembled a group of industry leaders to review how the industry has adapted to address these issues, how to implement secure practices effectively, and to review future needs and trends.

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