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Alain Mercier

Azure Sales Solution Specialist

Étienne Pelletier

Sales Engineer

Franck Mercier

Cloud Solution Architect

Data democratization boosts decision-making speed and innovation by making data  accessible to all, fostering a nimble and innovative culture in the public sector. It streamlines operations and cuts down on resource usage, enhancing efficiency. 

In this Denodo + Microsoft Purview Better Together session, we explore the four pillars of data democratization and how they can enable the data management strategy for public sector.

Watch to learn:

  • What is Data democratization
  • The four pillars of data democratization and data product self-service: Governance, Literacy, Consumption and Creation
  •  The different personas in public sector that interact with data across these pillars,  and how the use of artificial intelligence can improve their data experience
  • How Denodo and Microsoft Purview complement each other to provide end to end data product governance
  • Migrating to Azure and implementing a virtual data factory to minimize impact to user experience and complementing Azure Databricks and Microsoft Fabric

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