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Elaine Chan

RVP Sales, ASEAN & Korea

Chris Day

Director, APAC Sales Engineering

Data mesh is a new decentralized paradigm for data analytics that aims to remove bottlenecks and take data decisions closer to those who understand the data. To minimize data silos, avoid duplication of effort, and ensure consistency, the data mesh paradigm proposes a unified infrastructure enabling domains to create and share data products while enforcing standards for interoperability, quality, governance, and security.

Data virtualization solutions like the Denodo Platform have been designed precisely to provide a unified, governed, and secure data layer on top of multiple distributed data systems, so they are a natural fit for implementing data mesh principles.

What you will learn?

  • Why data virtualization is a key foundation for data mesh
  • How data virtualization supports data mesh concepts
  • How data virtualization enables domains to quickly implement data products by creating virtual models on top of any data source

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