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Just as soon as the data is in our database, customers can access their reports; that’s a massive leap forward for us.
Gordon Griffin
Former Chief Architect

Altus Analytics, is one of the two business segments of Altus Group which provides software, data solutions, and services for the global commercial real estate industry. Altus Analytics specifically provides the software and data solutions. Headquartered in Canada, Altus Group has approximately 2,600 employees across North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific. When real estate investors need intelligence with which to guide their decisions, many turn to Altus Analytics, which provide software and technology-enabled services that are designed to help them to derive the best value. So when Altus Analytics wanted to transform, from delivering several-hour reports to delivering real-time reports, Altus Analytics implemented the Denodo Platform.

Unpredictable Reporting

Altus Analytics had been relying on a BI infrastructure that needed to move, and heavily transform, data from multiple sources in order to build reports. For this reason, depending on the requirements for each report, Altus Analytics could not accurately predict when each report would be ready. Gordon Griffin, Altus Analytics’ Former Chief Architect, said that if any reported data changed, it could take several hours before those reports could be made available to customers.

Reports On Demand

Altus Analytics implemented the Denodo Platform, which uses data virtualization to provide real-time data views across the company’s diverse data sources, without physically moving any data. The net effect is, as Griffin observes, “Just as soon as the data is in our database, customers can access their reports, which is a massive leap forward for us.”

“We selected Denodo for data virtualization because not only does the company have great support, but also because the Denodo Platform is a great fit for our needs,” says Griffin. “In the months and years that Altus Analytics has been using the Denodo Platform, it has come through on its promise.”


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