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Business Need

Autodesk decided to transform its revenue model from a conventional perpetual licensing model to a subscription-based licensing model. Autodesk’s infrastructure was set up for managing the perpetual licensing model and was unable to meet the demands for business information and agility required to meet their transition to a new licensing model.

The Solution

Autodesk needed an agile BI 2.0 architecture with a logical data warehouse at its core to track subscriptions, renewals, and payments. Data virtualization helped Autodesk integrate new transactional systems that manage subscriptions with the legacy systems that manage perpetual licensing and keep the reporting to stockholders and SEC the same way as before. Using the Denodo Platform as a logical data warehouse, Autodesk has created a single, unified enterprise access point for any data used within the company.


Autodesk successfully transformed their revenue model from a perpetual license-based model to a more modern subscription-based model using the Denodo Platform for data virtualization. This change improved Autodesk’s business performance and collaboration across the organization and improved profitability. Autodesk has saved at least four months of effort redesigning the integration to subscription models.

Other Resources

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Autodesk used the Denodo Platform to create their logical data warehouse in order to transform its software licensing model.

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