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Establishing a Logical Data Fabric in Support of a Digital Transformation Read Case Study

Establishing a Logical Data Fabric in Support of a Digital Transformation

City Furniture is a Florida-based retailer that is on a mission to change the way people live — with beautiful home furnishings at an incredible value. With planned expansions throughout Southeast, Southwest, and Central Florida, City Furniture is a business focused on fast growth and exceptional service.

This mission and business growth plans required a digital transformation — a data-driven future for the company. While City Furniture has been experiencing rapid growth, it has also been facing challenges with slow, inefficient traditional data management technologies. These extract, transform, and load (ETL) based data integration methods had high resource costs, were slow to implement, and were impeding important data initiatives for the company.

A Digital Transformation Powered by Logical Data Fabric

The company needed a centralized data source to provide accurate data to different teams such as sales, marketing, supply chain, and business operations, to help them make faster decisions. City Furniture embraced data virtualization, a modern data integration and data management technology that can establish an enterprise-wide logical data fabric. City Furniture integrated the Denodo Platform, a data virtualization solution, into its data architecture as the highest-level data layer for all analytics and operational systems. City Furniture connected all data sources, from basic flat-file Excel spreadsheets, to cloud databases, to a legacy IBM iSeries server platform, to the Denodo Platform’s virtual layer.


City Furniture

At a glance

Created a standardized data-access layer across all data sources, on-premises and in the cloud.

Minimized data movement and replication, facilitating the protection of user privacy and compliance.

Established an enterprise-wide logical data fabric to support executives, data scientists, and business users so they can easily use their BI tool of choice.

Enabled every function, including sales, supply chain, merchandising, and operations, to leverage a single source of truth.

Automated DevOps, so data scientists and analysts can focus on rigorous analytics and model building.

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