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The Denodo Platform acts as an accelerator and is the core of our logical data fabric. It helps put business use cases into production at a much faster rate.
Amine Boulcane
Former Head of Data & Analytics

Credit Agricole is one of the world's largest cooperative financial institutions with a revenue of 69.3B Euros and 1427,000 employees. It has operations in more than 32 countries and provides a diverse set of financial services including retail banking, cooperative banking, investment banking, private banking, wealth management, and asset management. The Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Banking division (CACIB) leveraged data virtualization to build a logical data fabric that provides an efficient way of integrating data from different business silos to create a shared view of enterprise data.

A Logical Data Fabric

CACIB's chief data management goal was to enable unified analytics that enabled them to extract insights from data residing in both internal and external systems. Creating another centralized repository for this initiative, like an enterprise data lake, was not the path that the company wanted to take. Since CACIB wanted their users to be able to access external data sources, it was crucial that all data governance and security regulations were being followed. These requirements led CACIB to the Denodo Platform, which uses data virtualization to enable a logical data fabric that provided data access, ingestion, integration, and sharing capabilities in a distributed environment, without further complicating the architecture.

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