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The performance of the Denodo Platform is just ridiculously fast.
Mike Sofen
Former Enterprise Data Architect

When it comes to crunching data, few companies come close to Illumina, a California-based company that builds sophisticated devices for analyzing the human genome for insights into the causes of multiple diseases including cancer. So when Illumina needed to streamline access to data across disparate data sources, to more effectively analyze quality control data, Illumina turned to the Denodo Platform.

Streamlining the Factory of the Future

The Factory of the Future is the Illumina team that focuses on data. Illumina produces a variety of high-end hardware devices that combine lasers, cameras, and automatic fluidics, which use fluids to perform operations. These devices produce massive amounts of quality control data. Each one may produce as many as 10 million measurements that need to be stored and analyzed, and this data was being stored across CSV files, APIs, SQL and NoSQL databases, and an Apache Hive repository. The Denodo Platform provided seamless access across all of these sources, as if they all resided in a single database, and enabled stakeholders to use their preferred tools to analyze that data. Illumina runs manufacturing 24/7, so downtime is not an option for making changes to data systems. But with the Denodo Platform in place, key stakeholders we able to adjust or change out schemas on the fly, or add new measurement formats in the background, without requiring downtime. This is because the Denodo Platform uses data virtualization to abstract users from any changes taking place in the data sources. Best of all, the Denodo Platform enabled blazing fast performance.

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