Leveraging the Denodo Platform for Faster Data Access and Improved Reporting


Lauren Churcher
“The Denodo Platform has empowered data consumers at MultiChoice. In a self-service manner, they can pull the data, read it, and analyze it without spending days cleansing and augmenting it. The time saved in preparing the data is now used for analysis and improving performance and processes.”
Lauren Churcher Senior Manager, Service Management , MultiChoice Group

MultiChoice Group is the parent company of Multichoice South Africa and Multichoice Africa holdings. MultiChoice Group is a leading entertainment company and home to some of the most recognized brands on the continent. Its entertainment platforms – DStv, GOtv, Showmax, and DStv Now – are a hub for more than 14 million people across 50 countries. Through Irdeto, MultiChoice is a world leader in content security, management, and delivery for pay-media companies. In 2022, MultiChoice has a revenue of $3.81 billion.

Seamlessly Integrating Geographically Distributed Data

Because MultiChoice has operations in various countries in Africa and maintains relationships with different service providers, also operating in different countries, MultiChoice needed to provide data in a variety of formats for a variety of different kinds of reporting. For the data and analytics team, it became unsustainable to integrate and process the data in traditional ways as they had been spending considerable amounts of time in data preparation and the data for required reporting was almost a month behind schedule. MultiChoice needed a data integration solution that could connect the company to all kinds of data sources, integrate the data through a single data service layer, and enrich data on the fly, so MultiChoice implemented the Denodo Platform.

The virtual abstraction layer of the Denodo Platform enabled MultiChoice to seamlessly connect to heterogeneous data sources across countries in Africa. It also standardized business terminologies and improved data quality by removing unwanted information from the reporting workflow. Whenever there was insufficient or low-quality data, data was augmented and enriched in-flight. MultiChoice also set up schedules and automated data delivery, reducing the chance of structural change. Using self-service data access, data consumers can query and investigate data without having any scripting skills or an understanding of how to extract the information from the source(s). With the time saved that was normally spent performing data preparation tasks, stakeholders can now spend more time analyzing the data and optimizing business processes.


MultiChoice Group

At a glance

Empowered data consumers with self-service access to data

Reduced data preparation time from over 80 hours per month to just a few hours per month

Improved data quality by cleansing and standardizing the data in-flight

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