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Seacoast Bank

Business Need

Seacoast banking users from Core Banking, Internet Banking, Risk, and other groups had to request static reports from the IT team for operational and analytical purposes. This ad hoc, manual reporting process was both inefficient and time consuming. Seacoast wanted to implement a modern BI tool which would help users to slice and dice the data to meet their analytical reporting needs. In addition, Seacoast wanted to work with a single vendor for information delivery, so that business users could interact with the data more on a self-serve basis.


Seacoast leveraged the Denodo Platform to implement a logical data warehouse, which enabled the bank to easily integrate operational data across cloud-based and on-premises information systems and deliver the aggregated data as logical data marts to analytical and reporting tools such as SAS and Tableau. With the Denodo Platform in place, Seacoast is now able to provide enterprise-wide self-service BI and develop interactive trend reports using modern reporting tools. More importantly, Seacoast is now quickly accessing, unifying, and modeling new data to serve multiple business units, which enables them to handle credit administration, risk mitigation, internal operations, and Bank Secrecy Act requirements, in near real-time. Seacoast can now quickly pull data, which the bank regards as a significant, value-added improvement.


The Denodo Platform has significantly improved the ability of Seacoast’s banking operations groups, such as Deposit and Loan Operations, to make timely, accurate decisions. By delivering a logical data warehouse in less than half the time that a traditional data warehouse solution would take, Denodo is enabling Seacoast to meet the operational and analytical needs of multiple business units within the organization. Denodo data virtualization technology has helped Seacoast to reduce reporting time from up to three days for static reports to as little as two hours for interactive, self-service reports.

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