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Harold Kroeze
“The Denodo Platform is at the heart of our new data architecture.”
Harold Kroeze Product Owner Data Management

Unlike many other countries, The Netherlands entrusts Statistics Netherlands (known in the Netherlands as Centraal Bureau de Statistiek (CBS) to manage its national statistics and was founded in 1899. In recent years, when the company saw increasing demand for timely, highly detailed, and customer-tailored statistics, Statistics Coordinator Data Service Centrum at Statistics Netherlands turned to the Denodo Platform.

Supercharged Statistics

The Denodo Platform enabled Statistics Netherlands to implement a company-wide data virtualization layer between its data sources, which included traditional, on-premises databases, flat files, big-data implementations, and external data sets, and its data consumers, which included statistics-related processes and applications in addition to statisticians. Supported by the Denodo Platform, Statistics Netherlands established a new data architecture that improves data access for all users, and accelerates the performance of statistics-delivering applications. With this new architecture, Statistics Netherlands was able to leverage shipping data from the UN to create real-time visualizations and dashboards monitoring the state of the economy, and to enable universities to measure the success of graduates using myriad filters and data sources, without ever seeing the identity of individual students, which was a legal requirement.


Statistics Netherlands
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  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Solution: BI and Analytics
  • Product: Denodo Platform

At a glance

Supported by the Denodo Platform, Statistics Netherlands was able to deliver real-time, customer-tailored statistics.

The Denodo Platform easily handled both internal and external data.

Statistics Netherlands was able to selectively mask personally identifiable information across the many relevant data sources from a central desk.

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