Toyota Astra Motor

Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) is a distributor of Toyota vehicles in Indonesia and currently the market leader in the Indonesian automotive industry.

TAM had a fragmented data ecosystem with data trapped in different business silos causing data delivery challenges. They wanted to simplify their complex data management landscape, reduce the time-to-data for their multiple operational reporting requirements, and eliminate the need for shadow IT.

Single Version of the Truth

TAM implemented the Denodo Platform above the company’s enterprise data warehouse and the transactional databases, seamlessly integrating several different source systems to create a logical data warehouse.

The Denodo solution provided them with a flexible data architecture, allowing data to be easily integrated and delivered faster reducing time-to-value and addressing their data latency issues. With the introduction of the logical data platform, security policies were able to be managed centrally and the overall trust and confidence in data was restored.


Toyota Astra Motor

At a glance

Seamlessly integrate data from different systems to achieve a single version of the truth.

Unified data access layer of all enterprise data for centralized security and governance.

Enables democratization of data for self-service analysis by different business groups.

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